Lock & Load

Lock & Load 1.3.6

Lock & Load.

Lock & Load.

Lock & Load. Reclaim your privacy. How? Here's how..

? Lock up your Gallery of pictures and videos

? Lock up Messages and Whatsapp

? Lock up your Email, Facebook etc.

? Basically Lock up anything and everything that you need to on your phone

? Unlock with passcode of your choice :)

Besides being able to Lock and unlock your apps you can also fake an error if you do not want to show someone a particular app but can't say NO. Lock & Load comes to your rescue - An error to keep your acquaintance away!

? You look at the screenshots and you see how beautiful the app is, the brilliant colours that take over your screen !

? Choose from amongst the 8 themes that are available inside. The colours are so well coordinated, you will love it !

? We also have a built in GUIDE to help you understand the working of the app if required :)

? If you forget your password, we immediately mail it back to you!

Next time your friend wants to snoop through your phone, be carefree and hand it over after activating Lock & Load with just a tap ;)

The App comes with a built-in widget to quickly change from one profile to another. What are profiles you ask?

Make a profile to categorise who want to block:

? Family

? Friends

? Work

? Girlfriend/Boyfriend ;)

? Wife/Husband

In each profile you get to choose from the apps that you're going to block and the ones that are open for access.

For example,

You want to keep your Parents away from reading your text messages, just make a profile with the name "Parents" and put a lock on Messaging.. and more!

This is a fully loaded version!

Note: No guns were loaded in the making of this app ;)

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Lock & Load


Lock & Load 1.3.6

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